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My husband and I have been married for over 10 years. I'm 40 and he's about 10 years older. I had a miscarriage in November 2004, another miscarriage in March 2005 and a stillbirth in January 2006.

I have a Master's degree that I'm not using -well, I suppose you can't help but use the knowledge in your brain, but let's say I'm not using the degree directly in my everyday work.

I feel very self-indulgent writing this blog - and very naked - like all of you know who I am, go to my church, work with my siblings. But I bet I'm wrong - it's a big world, and a big internet.

** August, 2007 Update **

I'm now 35 and our son, Colin, was born alive and healthy in April of this year!


I create the eggs in the picture on this blog - think I could sell them?