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I'm really relieved that your doctor is on board with the PTSD (though I can't fathom why he wouldn't have shared that with you), glad that you have someone to at least give a try & that you are open to recognizing what kinds of things are triggers.

Just a word to the wise - smells are also very big in the trigger mine-field. You may want to take something with you that is a smell that you can tolerate & that feels calming - lots of places like Whole Foods, natural foods stores, vitamin places & the like have littel dropper bottles with aromotherapy scents. You may want something that you can seek out again & again, or you may want to select something that you find unlikely to come in contact with at a later date, so that the scent that helps you now, doesn't tailspin you later.

Also, depsite your insurance being crappy, you might want to look for EMDR in your area. My therapist actually feels a combo of meds, cognitive therapy & EMDR is the best & that EMDR can be great for PTSDs where the triggers and memories, while fairly clear cut, aren't as obvious as, say, a car crash.

I'll be thinking good thoughts for you.


Wow, over 35 weeks already! That's great! Hopefully the psychologist will help you through the potential dark days due to the PTSD. Hang in there, and know that I'm pulling for you!


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