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I think you're doing amazingly well. Well done for asking for what you need. Hope you remember to keep doing it after the baby is here.


Just got caught up---so sorry for your tough weekend and then the trying tours through the hospital. You're a trooper, though, pushing through. And yes, it seems much more like PTSD rather than a pre-cursor to PPD. Just remember that PTSD is serious and that you should consider therapy or some kind of counseling, even if you never get pregnant again. It would be really freeing and healthy. Not that you'll ever forget Adam or what happened to you all, but simply for the fact that you might need to process. Just a suggestion--take it for what it is. *hug*


I'm glad Lala brought up PTSD, but I would like to tell you that you might still want to consider some therapy for it despite what you've written about not becoming pregnant again. PTSD is tricky with where and how it can catch up with you - even in situations that aren't about you at all. My latest was started by a smell on someone else who'd had surgery.

There are standard therapies, medicines and newer therapies like EMDR that can really help. I finally *got* this for myself and have just restarted therapy that I nevet thought I'd need again - all because I was around someone else & a smell triggered it.

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