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Congratulations on the birth of Toby! Sorry things were initially so scary, glad all is well now.


Congratulations, so very much!


Wonderful news! Sorry it was scary (BTDT!) but I hope you recover well and are enjoying your precious new son.


After Words

Congratulations! Sorry for the terror.


How had I not heard this????

Congratulations! Are you okay? Do you need anything?


Tears of joy for you. What a beauty! He looks so sweet. Congratulations.


how scary! Congratulations!! I love his name.

Heather Rawlings

CONGRATULATIONS!!! and OUCH!! So, so glad everything turned out well- he is so cute!! Hope you have some help (the right kind) -- WOW! Family of 4- Anya and her boys- what a beautiful picture!


Congratulations! He looks a fine chap and I'm glad he's safe and well at home with you. x


COngrats! He looks great and I hope you are well!


Waiting for story... Don't want to bug you so I am holding back on calling. Let me know when you have some time. I am very anxious to talk with you. Love you!!!


Looking forward to to talking to you. We have been SO BUSY lately. I have wanted to call a billion times but am afraid to wake you up if you are napping. When you get a chance give me a call when you have time. I love you and can't wait to hear more.


Hope you and your two boys are doing great!

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