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Heather Rawlings

I'm sure there is a lot of male pride wrapped up in this- he feels he is not doing a good job supporting his family when he is not working, and whether true or not he feels the weight of the world on his shoulders right now. So therefore everything that is bothering him right now, or had in the past is magnified by his stress. I am going through a similar thing with my husband, who will be out of work after Christmas due to his store closing. It is not fun. I am, however very happy for you! No postpartum blues- that is fantastic!! Sounds like you guys are in for an adventure- maybe BFE will be a happier place that his past jobs...who knows- as long as you are together that's what matters!


I am SO GLAD you called yesterday. Keep doing it. I love you like crazy. I am on my way if you want me to be.

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