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still have you in my feedreader,vent away.


Me, too. Still here. Sorry about the lay off but glad that it's not all bad. Give the boys a big smooch for me!


Still in my reader, and thrilled to see you pop up.

Sorry about the life situation right now - I know how claustraphobic tight living quarters can be.

Vent away on here - we'll listen. :)

Heather Rawlings

Holy hell- what craziness- although glad you were able to escape the deep south. Please feel free to vent here- we are listening and are praying for things to change for the better for you very soon!!


Heather and Chris and I were just wondering how you were this weekend. Of course I'm still reading, and of course we're here if you need to silently vent.

Please let me know if there's anything we can do to help? Big gigantic massive hugs ((())).

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