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Maybe he heard you. Maybe he's processing what you said. I don't know. I ended up divorced for a reason, so I'm not one to speculate. But I'll be holding you and Adam in my heart tomorrow. (((HUGS)))


Ouch, this is identical to my life right now, except I don't have the complication of living with my MIL. Right down to the decision to stay so the kids don't have divorced parents. Well, that, and I can't imagine us financing two households.

The loneliness is brutal though. We are both here, but there is no interest. No laughing. It is sad, and I sometimes wonder if this is worse for the kids. . .

We've done therapy, but to no avail.

Email me if you want to chat...hang in there.


I'm sorry. I want you to be happy. I want you to be not lonely. I want you to know your friends love one. Hugs. ((()))


That is supposed to say, "your friends love YOU", not ONE. :-)

Heather Rawlings

Your friends do love you very, very much. We hurt for you when you are hurting, because we know your capacity to be joyful, silly and a lot of fun. Hang in there- men are REALLY difficult to communicate with- I pray he heard you and is processing. You may have shocked the @#$! out of him- which may have been your intention to get some sort of reaction.


After 26 years of marriage, I still haven't figured it out. There is such a difference in the way people communicate (men vs women especially I think) and you'd think I would know what that means by now . . . but I still get hurt/angry with the lack of response and/or emotion from my spouse from time to time (and more often than I'd like). I don't want to supply empty words of [false] comfort but it does seem to me that things change, cycle on and off, over periods of time and that the potential for a positive swing is there. You are in such a stressful situation right now with taking care of young kids, living at your MILs, and looking for employment (not to mention Adam's birthday and all that means, both consciously and subconsciously) that issues with your relationship seem perfectly reasonable. I’d say hang in there but that’s your call, you’re the one “in it”; I’m here if you need an ear or other support though. Hugs.


To be perfectly honest, it sounds like good old fashioned clinical depression. I am there (a constant battle, it doesn't "go away" like I had hoped). He may not know what to do. He hears the words and then blames himself, forcing himself deeper into a hole. I don't know what else to say.

I hope you did okay yesterday on Adam's birthday....


I love you.

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